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Data theft is a growing phenomenon primarily caused by system administrators and office workers with access to technology such as database servers, desktop computers and a growing list of hand-held devices capable of storing digital information, such as USB flash drives, iPods and even digital cameras.Since employees often spend a considerable amount of time developing contacts and Identity Theft | Federal Trade Commission Identity theft is a crime. While the FTC does not have criminal jurisdiction, it supports the criminal investigation and prosecution of identity theft by serving as a clearinghouse for identity theft complaints, part of the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel complaint database. VINCheck® | National Insurance Crime Bureau The NICB VINCheck database is made possible through the cooperation of these participating NICB members. General Vehicle Information. By clicking on a vendor link, you are leaving the NICB website. The vehicle history report available on this site may require you to make a purchase. 20 Types of Identity Theft and Fraud - Experian

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Search and Report Stolen Property on Report Theft Online - A guide to walk you through the process to report theft online. Stolen Goods - Information about stolen goods, how to spot spot them and avoid purchasing stolen goods. Stolen Database Listings - A comprehensive database featuring stolen property reports. Steam Database · SteamDB

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