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Wide Area Network (WAN) WAN, a computer network that spans a large geographical area. Typically, a WAN consists of two or more local-area networks (LANs). Computers connected to a wide area network are often connected through public networks, such as the Internet. They also connect through leased lines or satellites. WAN Security WAN Security encompasses your… Read more [CPE] How to configure the internet, WAN, settings on the A WAN (Wide Area Network) connection is an outside connection to another network or the Internet. It connects your private networks, such as a LAN (Local Area Network) and other networks, so that a computer in one location can communicate with computers in other locations. Setting up a wireless network - Windows Help Oct 17, 2017 How to set up your home network for optimal gaming

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Solved: Hi, I would like to make an extended LAN through a WAN without using a MPLS configuration. SO what I am going to set look like this : LAN 1 -----WAN ----- LAN 2 The two LANs are using the same network What is a WAN-Port and What Is It Used For On Your Router WAN stands for Wide Area Network. The WAN-Port is the uplink to the internet. While the LAN-ports (Local Area Network) will connect to your computer and other devices, the WAN-Port needs to be connected to the wall or the modem that your ISP has provided. Hi, I have a plusnet router, but have just purchased a zyxel mesh. I have set up the [WAN] Dual WAN introduction and setup | Official Support