In the packet captures we performed, we could see that the packets from the raceserver were making it through the internet, into the local network (the Edgerouter in the attached image), were being sent to the Netgear, but a corresponding packet capture on the PC running iRacing was not receiving the packets. the ip adresses are just an example… i thought it would be easyier to read the rule im using / 16 subnet. i cant get it work properly i think its because of the same subnet on all interfaces pfsense is receiving tagged packets on the vlan interface but not answering with a tagged packet. it answers on the primary lan interface and not on the the vlan interface Jul 07, 2013 · What I do find interesting is that we are receiving packets in increments of 2-3 while sent stays the same. We do have a firewall and a fiber optic to Ethernet box. I replaced Ethernet cords and the fiber to Ethernet box but that doesn't seem like its the issue since all lights are on. Apr 19, 2019 · Symptom: The health alert shows "Interface 'eth0' is not receiving any packets", although ssh is being used to connect to the device on the same interface. The ethtool outputs shows the traffic passing (transferred and received counter rising) but the ifconfig out does not record it due to which the health alert pops up. My application received packets from a device sending UDP packets over a specific port. After setting up the UDP listener, a while loop triggers the Receive command periodically. I should be receiving 400 values at every given time interval and I've even set a process to make sure these values are coming through. Connected but not receiving packets by ray_c_yuen Jan 4, 2007 10:45AM PST I've had the same problem intermittently since I bought my D Link wireless router DI-524 and wireless network card DWL-G510.

2019-12-10 · While 370k pps is not bad for a naive program, it's still quite far from the goal of 1Mpps. To receive more, first we must send more packets. How about sending independently from two threads: sender$ taskset -c 1,2 ./udpsender \

Solved: Remote VPN not receiving encrypted traf - Cisco Re: Remote VPN not receiving encrypted traffic Hi, The Nat traversal would come in play if the packets are getting encrypted and not getting decrypted on the other end.

Not Receiving Packets - No Internet Connection