Jul 22, 2019

‎WiFi Guard - Scan devices and protect your Wi-Fi from WiFi Guard can scan your networks automatically and send notifications about new devices. This application is designed for both casual and professional use. It's a great tool for system administrators to monitor and diagnose Wi-Fi networks. Capabilities: Discovers all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network 10 Ways to Protect Your Home Network from Hackers Oct 13, 2014

Digital Home Security: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your WiFi

How To Protect Your Wifi Network And Wireless Router Dec 04, 2019 How to Secure Your (Easily Hackable) Smart Home | Tom's Guide Oct 16, 2017

How to protect your router and home security cameras from

Using Public Wi-Fi: Protecting Data on Public Networks. From coffee shops to airports, free Wi-Fi is a ubiquitous and convenient option for working while traveling. Using public Wi-Fi networks can be risky. While no network is ever 100% risk-free, paid networks require more effort for a hacker to access, helping to diminish your risk of attack.