In terms of horror movies, 2006 wasn\\'t very memorable, though the year did see the release of these 10 somewhat underrated silver-screen gems.

This is a non-diffusing subcategory of Category:2006 films. It includes 2006 films that can also be found in the parent category, or in diffusing subcategories of the parent. This category is for horror films released in the year 2006 . Evaluation of the year. Legendary film critic Philip French of The Guardian described 2006 as "an outstanding year for British cinema". He went on to emphasize, "Six of our well-established directors have made highly individual films of real distinction: Michael Winterbottom's A Cock and Bull Story, Ken Loach's Palme d'Or winner The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Christopher Nolan's The Prestige The best horror film of 2003 is Dead End (2003) scoring 7.05/10 stars with our combined scores.IMDB already has over 25,330 votes for this movie. Starring in Dead End (2003) is Lin Shaye, Ray Wise, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Clement Blake, and Karen S. Gregan. Jan 03, 2006 · Presented for your approval—the top 10 horror films of 2005, in descending order. 10. Saw II : This sequel to 2004's surprise hit Saw finds the demented madman Jigsaw back in action.

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So by 2017, horror was all but inescapable: In the record books (It became the highest-grossing horror movie ever), at the Oscars (Get Out), on streaming (Gerald’s Game, 1922), and, of course, at your local theater, where Happy Death Day became a surprise hit. Though considering it was made by return-on-investment masters Blumhouse, that

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