Feb 14, 2018

Mobile VPN Access with Active Directory — WatchGuard Community Mobile VPN SSL access with AD is being setup on a WG m370. AD was setup in WatchGuard and tested the setup via Fireware Web UI successfully. The VPN client was downloaded and installed but VPN connection failed. Logging was enabled for the VPN policy, but I don't see anything in the monitor. Why would the connection fail being logged? WatchGuard Support Center There are several different mobile VPN options you can choose from. If you have never set up a Mobile VPN with your Firebox, see Select a Mobile VPN type. How do I set up a Mobile VPN? For a general overview of how to set up a mobile VPN, with a link to specific instructions for each VPN type, see Mobile VPN Setup Overview.

May 01, 2020

On my old WG device (XTM330) that will be replaced soon, I've been using Mobile VPN with IPSEC successfully. I'm trying to configure IKEv2 for better security. In Mobile VPN with IPSEC settings, there's a "Resources" tab that allows me to enter my internal network IP (192.168.1.x/24) to allow access. That option does not exist in IKEv2 settings. VPN Configuration Guide

VPN Configuration Guide

WatchGuard Firebox SSL VPN Reviews and Ratings Nov 11, 2011 WatchGuard Support Center WatchGuard Authentication policy (Fireware v11.11.4 and lower) From: Any-External, Any-Optional, Any-Trusted To: Firebox on port 4100 In Fireware v11.12 or higher, the WatchGuard Authentication policy is not automatically added when you enable Mobile VPN with SSL. sslvpn stuck on "waiting for connection" — WatchGuard Sometimes restarting the process "C:\Program Files (x86)\WatchGuard\WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL\wgsslvpnsrc.exe" fixes it, but sometimes it doesn't. Complete uninstall of ESET fixed it permanently. 0. Steve_Nunn. On the client machine you are using to connect to the VPN, go to Advanced setup -> Web and Email and disable protocol WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL client 11.10.4 version 11