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public event System.Windows.StartupEventHandler Startup; member this.Startup : System.Windows.StartupEventHandler Public Custom Event Startup As StartupEventHandler Examples. The following example shows how to acquire and process command-line options from a standalone application. If the /StartMinimized command-line parameter was provided, the

The following snippet will allow you to add your application in the registry so it will launch when Windows start. Alternative you can use Environment.SpecialFolder.Startup to place a shortcut of your application in the startup folder which will have the same effect.. Note that this snippet will add an entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER which means the program will only launch at startup for the user Run Java application at Windows startup - Stack Overflow

Typically, these programs start in the background and are hidden by default, so you don’t see any windows open on your desktop. However, you can use the same mechanism to open apps of your choice.

Oct 18, 2017 start | Microsoft Docs Starts an application and waits for it to end. /elevate: Runs application as administrator. /b: Starts an application without opening a new Command Prompt window. CTRL+C handling is ignored unless the application enables CTRL+C processing. Use CTRL+BREAK to interrupt the application. | Specifies the command or program to start. How to managing Windows 10 apps on startup Jun 28, 2017 Application.Startup Event (System.Windows) | Microsoft Docs