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IPv6 Lookup Tool. The IPv6 Info tool provides a complete set of IPv6 address information. The IPv6 Info tool provides WHOIS information, Autonomous System Number (ASN) information, expanded and compressed IP address information, and reverse lookup information for an IPv6 address. Breaking down an IPv6 address: What it all means Sep 03, 2013 IPv6 Whois Lookup - Locate IPv6 Address Online IPv6 whois lookup also tells the ASN number of the given ip address, company behind that ASN number, and the company details. It also let's you know what is the compressed version of that ipv6 address, also the expanded version too. This tool also does a reverse ipv6 lookup and tells what hostname this ipv6 address resolves to.

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When a host boots up, it automatically assigns an FE80::/10 IPv6 address to its interface. You can see the format of the link-local address below. It starts with FE80 and is followed by 54 bits of zeros. Lastly, the final 64-bits provide the unique Interface Identifier. FE80:0000:0000:0000:abcd:abcd:abcd:abcd

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