You can also stop and disable the Telephony service by using the following command at the command prompt: sc stop tapisrv & sc config tapisrv start= disabled. Impact of Workaround: If the Telephony service is disabled, any dependant services or operating system features would fail. Examples of these features include the new connection wizard

Run command for services management console From this console we can start or stop a service and also set the service start type to automatic/manual/disabled etc. The run command to open services console is Services.msc. Open Services console from CMD. The command Services.msc can be used from command prompt as well. Telephony | Black Viper | Provides Telephony API (TAPI) support for programs that control telephony devices on the local computer and, through the LAN, on servers that are also running the service. CCNA Voice Prep: Adding IP Phones to the CME - Intense School Dec 13, 2013


Avaya Telephony Service is a Web service that exposes the basic outbound call control features of Avaya Communication Manager. The Service hides the complicated concepts associated with traditional TSAPI/JTAPI based call control such as connections, call identifiers and call states.

The Set-Service cmdlet changes the properties of a service such as the Status, Description, DisplayName, and StartupType. Set-Service can start, stop, suspend, or pause a service. To identify a service, enter its service name or submit a service object. Or, send a service name or service object down the pipeline to Set-Service.

Microsoft Windows - Telephony Service Command Execution (MS05-040). CVE-2005-0058CVE-MS05-040 . local exploit for Windows platform Telephony (tapisrv) Service Defaults in Windows 10