When you have your wireless network in place and your PC ready, you can easily make the wireless connection between the two. Microsoft recommends that your wireless base station or WAP broadcast the SSID, as long as you’re using WEP encryption in infrastructure mode. This approach makes everything easy and automatic, as long as you …

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Conclusion . In short, Free WiFi Hotspot is one of the most widely used hotspot creator software today. It enables users to create WiFi hotspot in seconds and they can do anything over WiFi, which is a great matter of productivity. May 11, 2019 · WiFi is a wireless networking technology that allows computers, some mobile phones, iPads, game consoles, and other devices to communicate over a wireless signal. Much the same way a radio can tune into a radio station signal over the airwaves, your device can pick up a signal that connects it to the Internet through the air. Oct 17, 2017 · A wireless network at home lets you get online from more places in your house. This article describes the basic steps for setting up a wireless network and starting to use it.