Many operating systems engage in particular behaviours that hint strongly at their identity. When joining wireless networks, they do captive portal detection to work out if the network grants Internet access, for example, which can be detected. Many operating systems phone home in order to get …

Proxy basics: How to skip video region restrictions in Oct 19, 2012 Get around regional restrictions with Lantern VPN So-called VPN (virtual private network) services have become nearly essential in this days of digital globalizations. Loads of apps can now get around regional blocks to let you access sites that are restricted in certain countries – though not all the tools are … Colorado pot shops sponsor highways to get around ad Dozens of cannabis companies in Colorado are using Adopt a Highway roadside signs to get around the state's strict limits on marijuana advertising. Around 51 cannabis-related businesses sponsor Geoblocking Guide: What Is It And How Do You Get Around It

Both are fairly easy to get around by slightly altering the video's URL, according to the Google Operating System Blog. Most YouTube URLs take the form of: The A.V. Club

Bypass Tethering Restrictions With A VPN - iOS Hacker Sep 03, 2018 How to Bypass School Internet Restrictions | Security

Just mentioning a trick I do not see mentioned here yet. Take this file for example: C:\Folder1\Really Long Path\Such Recursion\So Deep\Wow\Still Going\I will run out of ideas soon\I have organizational problems\Obsessive compulsive subdirectory disorder\Here is a guid for no good reason\936DA01F-9ABD-4d9d-80C7-02AF85C822A8\Almost there\Tax Returns\2013\2013_tax_return.pdf

Help: Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies The ban message may indicate which activities are impacted and whether the ban is at the account or device level. Players who receive an Account Ban will no longer be able to play the banned Destiny activities on that account.; Players who receive a Device Ban will no longer be able to play Destiny activities on that hardware.; No account will be able to participate in activities in Destiny on